Our guides will help you get the most out of every moment in Italy.

Some are former international champions who won gold medals. Some are simply people who went

around the world just to discover how far the cycling passion would take them.

All are certified guides who passed a strict safety test by the National Bicycle Association of Italy.  

They have spent a lifetime bicycling. Whether on fast undulated routes, or climbing mountains,

our guides are sensible but also can be tough when challenged. They are good-natured individuals with a keen

knowledge of the area.  They know history, they know food as well as the local hotspots.

Most of all they love what they do and it shows







A former cycling-pro for 6 years, Andrea is a member of the Italian Cycling Federation.  When is not climbing cyclists through the Appennini mountains, he spends his free time training a very talented youth cycling team in Cesenatico Italy. For the last 16 years Andrea has been guiding cycling tourists in the Romagna region piling up about 25,000 km (15,534 miles) every year.  Still every day is a new journey for Andrea.

His stated mission is to make his region known to cyclists that he has the honor to guide through. He wants to communicate with them the cycling tradition and joy of riding through the un-usual landscape in maximum safety and great assistance. In his words: “My greatest joy is when the guest cannot wait for the next day for a new bike ride!”

INGO onbike SM.png


Ingo was born in Germany but moved to Naples as a teenager. As a competitive track athlete, he realized he was also a very good cyclist, and began organizing cycling tours in the region. For more than a decade he has been leading people from the world over to discover the magic of the Chianti area in the Tuscany region, by bicycle. Tuscany is where the Italian language was born; it’s the region where Michelangelo created most of his masterpieces. It’s the home of Andrea Boccelli. Between cycling through the vineyards, eating homemade pasta and drinking the best Chianti nature can provide. In short it’s the area that you never get tired of. It’s no wonder why Ingo never felt the need to go back to Germany. – Welcome to heaven!



Hi, I’m Lucca, since childhood I’ve loved outdoor sports. In high school I’ve tried every kind of sport, it was nice but nothing really grabbed me. Went to university studying economics trying to find some extra motivation for my life but to no avail.  Finally, one day I had enough, I felt I had to change my life and do something I really loved.  So I turned to my passion to road and mountain cycling. It was such an intense period of my life filled with great people I met during the tours in my native region of Piedmont.  Soon after that I decided to become a guide and provide cycling services to bicycle enthusiasts like myself.  Now I’m a full-time guide and I’m enjoying it every minute.  Come and experience what’s like to ride in one of our tours, you’ll have the “time of your life”                                              …that much I can promise you.

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Lorenzo Ciccinato

"As time stops, one has the luxury of cycling through valleys of sunlight, and up the next hill towards any castle or monastery that may be in sight. Some of the hills may be significant, but every view and vista is so divine that any effort is melted to oblivion by the joy of existing in this endless artistic palette, otherwise know as landscape. Reach the top, look over the valley, and you will wonder if you have remained on earth or passed into paradise".  Lorenzo on touring Lake Garda.


Born in the Dolomites region went on to study graphic design in Milan.  In his twenties he moved to New York after landing a design job there. He later moved to the Washington DC to start an advertising agency.  That is where Pier picked up cycling as a recreational sport. He liked the sport so much he started racing his friends and beating them.  At the age of 38, he qualified for the U.S. Disabled Cycling Team to compete at the Paralympic Games in 1988.  The Paralympics are the premier international event for physically disabled athletes.  He won a bronze medal there, and a silver medal at the 1992 Paralympics in Barcelona. Now he loves organizing week long memorable rides in fun places just about anywhere you would like to live your dream bike vacation.

Nicolo maggi

Is a fourth generation cyclist. The Maggi family opened their first bike shop in Lido di Camaiore in 1906. In the 80's, the shop was taken over by Claudio, Nicolo’s father, who skillfully introduced road cycling. In 2002, after completing his course of studies in International Business, Nicholas began to manage the family business, strengthening the link with international companies such as Cannondale, Pinarello and Colnago and adding quality brands such as Formigli, Cipollini and recently BMC. Nicolo has an extensive knowledge of the best roads of Versilia which is the part of Tuscany on the Tirrenic Sea. He knows the best Pubs and Restaurants in the surrounding area, so if you need advice on what to eat and where to find the best wine, ask away!



Rasa is a former professional cyclist of international fame. After racing for the Lithuanian National Team at the Olympics and winning a medal, Rasa joined the pro-circuit for several years and winning a number of career competitions.  During one of those competitions in Italy she fell in love with the country and decided to move there.  After accumulating experience in major alpine climbs of Italy and abroad she married and retired from racing in Tuscany. Rasa has accredited certificates from the Italian Cycling Federation on MTB and road cycling. She’s a fun guide with a depth of experience rarely found in other cycling tour organizations. and is an important asset to Passport Cycling Tours.


BALSAMO SERGIO, was an excellent cyclist who won several important races until the age of 23. He qualified as a sports director for the International Study Centre of the Italian Cycling Federation, and managed the junior Vigor Cycling Team for 10 years. He is now taking his experience on the road for the enjoyment of cyclist enthusiasts and tourists throughout Italy and France.