Our Bikes

Road bikes - Optimized for smooth riding

Passport Cycling Tours of Italy offer a variety of new or used bicycles. Based on the measurements you provide, we’ll set up the brand of your choice to your specification. This year, our stable of bikes includes the newly-delivered Pinarello Nitro, F10 and F8 straight from the factory.  After a week of riding the bike, you have the option to purchase the bicycle of your choice to be shipped back home.

Our specialized shops are furnished with world renown bicycle frames and top-of-the-line equipment for your own custom-built bicycle to vacation with. (Note: not all the bikes listed on this site are available in every location)

Mountain Bikes - designed for on and off road

By contrast, mountain bikes come with much wider tires that have more aggressive tread, designed to grip gravel or dirt well. 

We are also able to supply a waterproof pouch containing the map and ride of the day, for extra security. Of course, our guides will also be with you all throughout each ride. so, if you need anything adjusted during the ride, our expert guide will fix it on the fly


E-Bikes - Pinarello unveil Nytro electric road bike

Our E-bikes are designed for the client that is looking to take it easy, while still allowing them to keep up with the fastest riders. You can pedal the bike normally, but when the going gets tough and you need to take a break, the electric motor will kick in and will carry you along the road or up the hill with very little effort.

The Italian brand are calling the Nytro an 'eRoad' bike, designed to feel the same as a high-end race machine but with assistance when you need it.

If you’re used to lock-in pedals for your own convenience we recommend that you bring your own pedals and helmets